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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Pelosi Says "Desecration", US Capital is Not A Sacred Temple of Democracy, But The Sleaziest Brothel In The World

 Big Mahalo to Lot's Wife:


Find here a potent and cogent analysis of the events in DC over the the last few days. It’s thorough so it is lengthy. The essay contains a photographer's account of activity on the south side of the capitol grounds, including conversations with direct participants.


An equally thoughtful but more acerbic analysis is found here.


Nicholas J. Fuentes, critic and firebrand (banned at YT and Twitter), attended the DC event. Responding to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments about ‘desecrations”, he wrote,  "The US Capitol is hardly a "sacred temple of democracy, it's the sleaziest brothel in the world, totally bought and controlled by powerful interest groups and foreign governments. Who are they kidding?”


Links in both essays extend and enlarge coverage. 


Here’s the DailyMail's photo stories of the event. Less an insurrection, more like a police-guided circus parade.


With the foregoing as context, review what you’ve learned about the same events from the MSM. Disparities and falsities abound. Why? 


Because Americans place too much trust in the (Soros-controlled) press and the majority of us don’t take self-government seriously. We farm it out to wonks who get comprised by cash and sweet-talking lobbyists who sell the farm to nation-states eager to stick a knife in Uncle Sam’s ribs. Swamped with anxiety over health and financial issues, most Americans are unaware of national threat assessment and containment services. Weapon makers, think tanks, and Congress siphoning spigots of taxpayer cash (trillion$) while most Americans peddle faster, worry more. Many know the spin but awareness still lacks critical mass. Propaganda peddled by the MSM diverts attention.


Analyze the obstacles; advise options.  


Comments on a 1-6-2021 story

They should give this guy an Academy Award. The conservatives are in full blown spin control trying to pin the riot on the left. However, America and the world saw who they were, they were Trump supporters!


2 points:The Viking and another black guy pictured were both lefties and BLM activists, there could be dozens or hundreds of other, and why wouldn't there be.

Obviously, much of this was staged and of the DC cops just letting the people flow in.   Refusal of extra help from Trump admin.  Corrupt black fat DC female mayor.

What appears to be a fake shooting, and 3 other fake deaths

The total BS of an "insurrection" -- running rats out of this house of filth would only be a very temporary thing in any event.   Killing them all would have been somewhat more effective in sending a message, but it still would not "remove or replace the government system".


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  1. I go with the analyses of Miles Mathis and a very few other observers. Between outright liars, gatekeepers like PCR, and "alternative media", the following updated analysis seems most balanced and true to the mark to me.

    PAPER UPDATE, added 1/7/20, The Fake 2020 Presidential Election. I have updated this paper again, with information on Ashli Babbitt, the woman faux-killed at the Capitol building, as well as an outing of Kyle Rittenhouse. Strawberry fields, where nothing is real.


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