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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

They Inflicted Trillions In Damages To Get Rid Of Trump and Prime The Pump for "The Great Reset"

I wrote this last August.   I was wrong about one thing....I was still thinking or at least hoping that William Barr was not compromised.     Of course it is obvious now.... 


It has been a year since the Epic Lu’au of last year, and the “narrative” has certainly progressed and in my view, not in any good way.

But here are some old white guys that seem to have a pretty good grasp of history and politics.    We all seem to get very convinced that a certain “view” is totally correct, but these guys might provide a broader view.    John Anderson, of Australia, and Victor Davis Hanson of USA.




Those that “Self censor” are doing a horrible disservice to themselves and society, and that will result in sub-optimal results.    The left controls a massive bullhorn, through media, Hollywood, and seemingly into sports (are you entertained yet?)    

And this is being used to create 

  1. Civil unrest, 
  2. Fear of “the virus” and 
  3. Fear of each other.    

The censorship and propaganda should be more than obvious and the negative ramifications should be more than obvious.    Carl Jung recognized a large group of very intelligent people who  based their opinions and actions mostly on feelings rather than well thought out cause and effect.

 Those that refuse to visit a non-censoring site like Bitchute (alternative to youTube, along with Brighteon, and a few others out there) because it is “far right” are operating off of too low of information.    Censorship will get worse, and lets play the Trump card, it’s all about getting rid of Trump.    The reaction to the virus, the lockdowns, the murder of 60,000 seniors in nursing homes, it is all about getting rid of Trump.   

Letters from NY, NJ, PA Directing Nursing Homes That They Must Accept All Patients and CANNOT Test for COVID

And censorship and propaganda will get worse into the election and beyond.     And for every point of unemployment that remains persistent, roughly 50,000 additional deaths will occur from  spin off effects.     And another effect that those who seem to really want “big government aka Marxism” is that destruction of small business, which these start /stop /start reinvest and then stop again regulations restrictions and lockdown are going to really  destroy the biggest economic driver and the spirit of America, the independent thinking small business person.  

Government official get no big contributions from small business, no kick backs, no huge projects that can be skimmed from.     And there have been many in power, especially in the intelligence agencies that have committed serious, treasonous crimes against us, the American people, another reason they “must get rid of Trump” and Barr and Durham.

 So for those who haven’t quite admitted to themselves that all this funded insurgency and excessive over blown and intentionally damaging reaction to “the virus” is really all about getting rid of Trump, well, you should admit it to yourself, because then the next step can be looked at…..the price you are willing to have others pay.   


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  1. Ship here, this is the post of the year! One you can feel, as instead to think about. Reaching for the Mink oil to get the dam boots ready!


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