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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

This Is The Face of A Dog Crying Out For Help -- Biden's German Shepherd 12021

 When I first got German Shepherds I was surprised that they had facial expressions.   Very detailed and easy to understand facial expressions.

This picture is from Naomi Bidens Twitter


The "Big Guy" Little Robin wants to pretend that he is a dog person.   Here is your new president and his dog.

PS I have seen many amazing "memes" on the net and some that deserve reporting.    But this picture made it clear the horror that is to come.


  1. No horror, just your spidedy senses gone amok stock and the misinterpretation of the FACTS in front of you, which you are incapable of acknowledging and which you ignore.

    All animals have facial expressions, if you didn't know.
    This is a very old dog judging by the graying that goes down into his neck and into his ears and throughout his overweight body and paws. His left eye is cloudy which suggests that he has cataracts. His ear is half cocked which is prevalent in old dogs. The dog has a heating pad, as you can see the control switch under Joes right arm pit due to hip dysplasia. There is a potty mat in the background suggesting a bowel problem due to lack of mobility.

    His dog is just old, about 12 yo. Joe is a dog person and the picture proves it. This is a well cared for animal.

    What next? The curtains in the kitchen spell "evil" in the folds?
    LOL LOL oh great dog whisper. Don't judge a horse by its color. Don't judge a dog from one picture.

    1. Oh so they abused the dog with an excess and poor diet. My 12 YO shepherd looks MUCH better and still goes out to play Frisbee golf with me 3 times a week.

      Joe abuses this dog like he abuses little boys and girls.

    2. So what's wrong with abusing little boys and girls? It's not a crime unless you get caught. Personally I like deep fried babies with a dash of pizza hot sauce. Their intestines make the perfect sausage skins for blood pudding, yummy

    3. Regardless of your sick joke....because abusing the young makes damaged people. And they damage more people....

  2. That looks photoshopped to me. They pasted a picture of Biden's head on a younger man's body. Pretty obvious.

    1. Indeed, the head looks odd especially at right side "intersection" with shirt


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