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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

This is the propaganda of real Fascists:

Hat tip to FC, doing exceptional reporting in this age of censorship


This is one of the owners of the web service that hosts this propaganda.   He brags about how the absentee ballot from Wisconsin arrived today.   He lives in Los Angeles.

 This is the propaganda of real Fascists:

We have a Nazi problem in this country.  Some 73 million people voted for it. Their leader is still in power and waging a battle to delegitimize the election he clearly lost. His followers maraud through the streets and raise $2 million for a teenage killer’s bail and destroy Black Lives Matter murals and chant “Say his name, Donald Trump,” spitting on the anguished cries of Black people whose lives are so routinely cut down by police.

They don’t, for the most part, wave swastikas and salute Hitler, but we have a Nazi problem in this country as deeply as the German people had a Nazi problem in the 1930s. Their minds waterlogged with conspiracy theories, they take lies as truth, spread hate and bigotry, wrap themselves in several flags – American, Confederate, Blue Lives Matter – and use the Bible as a weapon of violence and repression. They are a grotesque expression of the worst of this country, of its ugly narcissism, its thuggish militarism, its ignorance and refusal to give a shit about the rest of the world. They carry the torch of slavery, genocide, and Jim Crow terror. Gunned up and mask-less, they exalt above all the right to kill.


------------------- Sage Weil -- Weil is a Jewish name, just saying......


  1. The pot calls the kettle black.

    "He brags about how the absentee ballot from Wisconsin arrived today. He lives in Los Angeles."

    You live in WI Stock, but vote in Hawaii, may I add twice. Your the fascist hypocrite that rails against a fascist.

    1. Uh no, I have preserved the evidence, both ballots, unasked for, are still in my possession. If you have any honesty or any memory you should have retained that information. I look forward to your defense of "I am stupid and can't remember anything" in your defamation trial.

  2. This is free speech and we discussed this before, look back at the previous posts; oh that's right you deleted them. Do the right think and turn in those ballots to the local elections board and straighten your mess out. I retained all the "information" and if you would like to give me your attorneys name and address or your name and address I will send all of my screen shots.

    Screen shot your post threating me with a defamation trial. Perkins Coie will be entertained by this. Your move.


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