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Monday, January 25, 2021

Tiny Gibraltar Uses Humans As Lab Mice. Up to Jan 9th, Only 16 COVID Deaths in the Country. After 6000 "Vaccines" Given 53 Dead in 10 Days!

 stock here.    This goes beyond data effery, this is mass murder.

Gibraltar, with just around 30,000 people had a total of 16 COVID deaths up to Jan 9th of this year, since the start of COVID in early 2020.

On Jan 9th they received 5,850 doses of "vaccine" and rolled them out to people over 70, 2 sets of 2,850 would cover all the people over 70 in Gibraltar and that was there plan. 

Within 10 days, there were 53 more deaths.    These were caused by the vaccine.

Those deaths (murders) were then classified as COVID deaths, and I guess in some perverse way, maybe that is true.


“Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar is delighted to announce that the first delivery of the Pfizer/BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine on Saturday 9 January 2021. Upon arrival, the vaccine will be immediately be taken directly to dedicated freezers in the basement of St Bernard’s Hospital and kept at -75 degrees centigrade. 


--------------------------------------------------------------- readers comments at the Military news site were backslapping each other about how efficient the deliveries were being made.

I had this article to show them, and this to say, lets wheel back in a day or so and see if they censored the comment. 



2 Days After Receiving COVID-19 Shot, Healthy
41-Year-Old Mother Dies in Portugal

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