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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

When Some Useful Idiot Says "There Is No Evidence Of Voter Fraud" -- Show Them The Evidence

At this site, you can filter by State.  Georgia alone has 262 pieces of evidence showing voter Fraud


Here is one of my favorites....Pennsylvania

Here is a spreadsheet I downloaded from the PA site.    Over 1 million lines, 450MB.

A score of people voted who were older than the oldest person in Pennsylvania.

In Wisconsin, from 3:40AM to 7:40AM 94.8% of the vote was for Biden 

The vote count jumped from 2951850 to 3212762 in those 4 hours, a whooping 260,912 votes or over 7.5% of the total votes in that "batch" and 94.8% were for Biden.

That doesn't pass any type of straight face test.

It's item 1059 presented at this website

In Wisconsin, it appears that 90% Voter Turnout is claimed.    But in Australia, voting is mandatory and you can be fined if you don't vote....their Turnout is 92%.

In October, driving around Wisconsin, I would estimate I saw 200 Trump signs in yards, and 2 Biden signs.

I tried to download this video of 1600 votes being subtracted for Trump.

They always download well using an app.    But this one failed....when I then logged in to comment, the comment system hung up and the video was not available.

Here is the link to YouTube

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