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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Why We Are Losing And How We Can Fight Back (1190 words | 5 minute read)



I was talking to another user recently about grifters and stormfront, and it occurred to me that part of the major divide that is used against us is a focus on messenger over message.

This is a long post, and its not for the five-second-coomer crowd of new-and-shiny-addled 'tldr' reddit-tier crackheads furiously beating their dicks to 10 word memes on ifunny. So I don't want to see any of those faggots in the comments. If you don't have time to read 4 1/2 pages, don't fucking bother me.


A primer: The left pays attention to messengers. The right pays attention to messages. This much is obvious. If you look closely you'll see that the 'right' today is actually just the political center now. Our side was mostly recruited from center political ideologies like libertarianism and the moderates (and I know many goats who were loosely center-left before coming to voat and poal e al), all intentionally mislabeled by media demonization campaigns as "the radical right!". You can thank obama for that, who sought to ideologically radicalize and purify the left in the 2008-era, polarizing the country and the west in general. A lot of moderates were people previously expunged from the left, or who didn't fit neatly on the standard one dimensional political spectrum, and a lot of those issues were previously owned by the left (because of the early and more moderate stages of intersectionality before it became obvious to everyone else that it was strictly about identity politics).


The consequence of that is that one of the best means of neutralizing any message on our side, any organization or effort, is to focus on the messenger and not the message--which polarizes us from the moderate/center which we originated from. Why? Because as the overton window was forced left, the old right got pulled along into the center, a merger of sorts, and now the center is primarily message focused and not messenger focused like before. It is to say the moderates went from being slightly favorable to the left, to slightly favorable to the right. But because they're moderates, if you can't appeal to them, you can't count on them for meaningful action. Instead they'll eventually, if begrudgingly, eventually side with who they think is winning or at least not put up much of a fight. Which is why trumpism scares the shit out of the left, because it co-opted that entire process, but I digress.

It is also why appealing to the center always seems to fail now. We're focused on message, but because our political base originates in the old moderates, it has the leftwing tendency to focus on the messenger.

So any time we do get on message, and start to appeal to the center (previously mostly necessary for a political victory), our opponents could also inject identity politics to either 1. destroy/discredit the message, 2. cause infighting, 3. scatter the effort, 4. destroy/discredit whoever is organizing, either the people leading it or the people following it, doesn't matter, whichever is more effective.


This same pattern also makes it easy for our opponents to 'manufacture' leadership for us, simply by stealth promotion (algorithms, artificial boosting of visibility) and simply giving immunity to these methods. If you want to know whos compromised simply look at

  1. who never seems to be targeted for harassment/de platforming or taken down/censored

  2. Who is targeted, but always seems to come back or survive some how.

Which shows you how effective the methodology really is.


Two directions I see which we can take.

  1. We can redpill on the black issue first, because the very thing used to divide us when all else fails, can also be co-opted to build us up in a strongly unified core against that very fail-safe divisionary tactic. This removes one of the core demographic weapons/subversion tools of judaism: race politics, by making the implicit explicit, a sort of strategy where their tactics are themselves attacked/neutralized. Because we can't begin to politically and ideologically push back until we can gain a defensive foothold from subversive mass labeling (again something the occupation government uses when all else fails to divide the public). This is a sort of 'come from behind' manuever, which is what did-in the seemingly unstoppable blitzkreig.

  2. Refocus on colonizing the true right, which is message based, and abandon the old libertarian pipeline. Loses us the institutional support of the remaining moderates, but that was ground we were already losing anyway. This approach is a sort of 'extremism of conservatism', where we co-opt the label, so any attack on us appears to be an attack on ALL conservatism, driving them into our arms, and second, puts to question the very control of the overton window itself. What inspired this was biden's famous words "you're not black if you vote for trump!" And I realized, just as colors are worn in a color revolution, labels themselves can be worn to the same effect. Instead of building an 'empty signifier' we co-opt something that became one when its leadership abdicated and destroyed its remaining legitimacy: conservatism. Don't build the vessel, fill the vessel. And what tells me this is an effective strategy is that whatever the left fears, whatever will be effective against them, is what they usually scream loudest about. The approach here is to put a friendly coat of paint on our political beliefs. And right now the establishment left/DNC uniparty is MORTALLY terrified of "trump supporters becoming disillusioned and going further into radical rightwing, racist, antisemitic beliefs!" They're afraid because race politics, RACISM (against us), IS their bread and butter, a boogieman. And spooks only work if you don't confront them directly. They cease to be effective when you call them out or embrace them.

The double whammy here is that because the right has already been characterized as 'antisemitic, rightwing, racist, nazis!', censored, assaulted, harassed, and abandoned, the conservatism side is now tone deaf to anything else that can happen, so filling the power vacuum that exists in all but name, means when the left shouts wolf this time, no one will take notice or care.

I think this second approach only suffers from the ability of the left and establishment to again, subvert us by creating leadership for us (rightwing grifters as it were), or else to destroy the legitimacy of anyone that does.


However, if we push through the negative, like our opponents do, its actually a boon. Because if we're strictly ON message, like nick fucking fuentes, and NOT on messenger, then the consequence is that attempts by the left to refocus on the messenger actually boost our visibility and message, even while they try to destroy our legitimacy. Hence why Biden looked like a giant fucking obvious hypocrite with the "you ain't black!" comment. Probably why Nick went with this approach to begin with.


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