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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

18 Suicides At One Nevada School -- What Price The Lockdowns? It Was 90% Planned And This Is One Piece Of The Results 3100 REquirements for Mental Health Support

It Took 18 Suicides to Get This School System to Open Back Up

The nation’s fifth-largest school district, in Clark County, Nevada, is opening back up after 18 students committed suicide during the pandemic shutdown.

Administrators of the system, of which Las Vegas is a part, said they’d also had another “3,100 alerts of suicide risks or students in need of support through the district’s mental health monitoring system.”


 Getting people to obey insane rules, makes them not just compliant, obedient, but also, insane.....



  1. Not true, read for yourself:

    1. If you read only headlines, like most libs do, you will get a false idea about the real situation. If you read the story, they are definitely saying that COVID lockdowns and religious restrictions are responsible for many increased deaths.

      The lockdown push them over the edge, many people are already stressed.....

      "The effect is more pronounced on children who had existing mental health issues before the pandemic.

      “The kids I work with professionally are struggling. They don’t have the same interactions with peers. They’re no longer playing sports,” he says.

      Jacobs says parents “are struggling with the fact they don’t have an outlet. They aren’t working. They’re home 24/7. That’s tough for any parent.”

      “Kids are getting tired of siblings and fighting more. Even kids who didn’t have issues are starting to develop mental health concerns based on the unknown and the uncertainty of their parents having job loss.” says Jacobs, who calls this “a very interesting time. When parents have stress, it’s often transmitted to the children.”


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