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Saturday, February 13, 2021

26 Page Forensic Report On Dominion Voting Software And Other Blatant Vote Security Failures And Intentional Obstruction in Michigan

stock here: 

It wasn't easy to "dig in" and find this stuff.    Everyone mentions it, takes pot shots at it, but who actually finds it and reads it?   Well, me, when time is available.   First time "off" in 10, after 2 projects today and heat exhaustion. 

Here is the link, and below is my downloaded Box file of the case it disappears.


The audit revealed that “of the 15,676 (lines or events) there were a total of 10,667 critical errors/warnings or a 68.05% error rate.” Later in the report, ASOG says, “These are not human errors; this is definitively related to the software and software configurations resulting in error rates far beyond the thresholds listed in the guidelines.”

 This Clown pretends that the research organization are just Trump the report, it's quite

good and demonstrates significant technical qualifications.    The research organization ASOP, did their work pursuant to a lawsuit filed by Michigan resident Bill Bailey.

The Michigan Secretary of State takes pots shots at the Researchers......


Authors are registered as Private Investigators in Texas....

Here is their webpage

And the Michigan Attorney General takes a cheap and totally dismissive approach to this report, stopping just short of calling them Clowns.....,4534,7-359--547422--,00.html




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