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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

As 20,000 Plus People KiIled In USA By COVID Vaccine -- WHO Promotes It As Safe, And Biden Admin Works To Silence Anyone Promoting

 1/3 Of those killed, died within 48 hours.

Health Care experts posit that around 5% of Adverse Events get reported to VAERS  / CDC.   A Harvard study funded by HHS concluded that less than 1% of Adverse effects get reported.

It would be far easier to run a PCR test 40 cycles and report the death as a "COVID Death", which technically, it is.    They probably get more funding that way, and no investigation of the death.

58% of the deaths were reported in people who received the Pfizer vaccine, and 

41% were related to the Moderna vaccine.

Check this resource also


Anyone who suspects they have suffered any kind of adverse side effect, from any vaccine, do all three of the following:

  1. For U.S. residents, first file your report with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), the official site of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).
  2. Go to to file a report. This is an outside source vs. government.
  3. Using this page on the CHD website, share the information you reported to VaxxTracker and VAERS, including the reaction you suffered and the vaccine you received.


  1. Ofttimes, mention of a “slippery slope” accompanies articles counseling caution concerning hazardous forms of material and|or radiation; advising of risks, the odds of death and injury given exposure; and, almost always, accepting or assuming fait accompli the step or steps already taken toward or onto that “slippery slope”. In comparison to other virulent, ill-intentioned forces (e.g., 5G, food shortages, radioactivity in air and water, chemclouding, on and on), the COVID scamdemic seems like a gargantuan, skyscraper-tall water slide. The moment you set your bottom down, dangling legs onto the smooth, glistening metallic channel that dips steeply down farther than the eye can see, then push off, relevant questions reduce to very few: How far? How fast? What do I encounter at the end of this “ride”?

    Most of us – yes, I include myself – have worn a “surgical mask” on occasion during the past year or so. In the dialectic at that initiatory level, “facial diapers” pejoratively signal angry, reluctant compliance, subservience, submission. Some have silent graffiti giving voice to frustration – for instance, SCAM, HOAX – yet those wearing same have nonetheless covered their mouth and nose anyway. Having had to enter the “belly of the Beast” – the system of modern medicine [Big Med] – both on behalf of wife and myself, I have suffered the imposition of masking, the taking of temperature, and sing-song questions about signs and symptoms. When asked how I “feel”, I simply answer “Oppressed.”

    Along with masking came “social distancing”. A more direct, highly symbolic division among individual human beings seems difficult to imagine. Directing young men and women to different, gender-specific dormitories at least made hormonal sense “back in the day”. Whether fewer “unwanted pregnancies” resulted during the next four years of residence, I do not know. Enforcing the keeping of a prescribed distance away from other human beings, a daily ritual of constant separation, bespeaks diabolism.

    Then, as foreordained, described vividly through “predictive programming” over decades, we have tests for the “virus” and its inexorably inevitable mutant off-spring; we now have “inoculations” that do not work as “vaccines”, which, as no doubt do “chemtrails”, likely have a multiple aims and objectives, some obvious by inference, others dark secrets; we have systems for the management of information and the corralling of humans, implying the guiding of those with the Mark of the Beast to one open-air pen, those without to another, the latter leading to the slaughterhouse, both fast and hard and soft and slow kills permitted, kosher or, more likely, not.

    I find myself still perched at the starting gate, way up high, gazing down and over the labyrinthine twinings of the “slippery slope” of the COVID caper.

    A scientist, I see no evidence that the “virus” ever existed. STEP ONE toward and onto the “slippery slope”: Assume the virus is real, deadly, or, at least, potentially lethal to some.

    As a chemist, I see no evidence the PCR test returns meaningful results. I do observe the malicious, hate-driven political, economic, social, and mass psychological manipulation of numbers of COVID cases”. STEP TWO nearing the “slippery slope”, take the official data and SPIN it for all it’s worth – one way or the other, keep people CON-fused, though kept apart.

    As an epidemiologist and risk analyst, I conclude, based on numbers of deaths over time and other indicators, comparing jurisdictions that do one thing or another in the name of public health and safety, The Power$ That Be (TP$TB) have deceived us superbly. Boxing metaphor – we be on the ropes and, unlike Cassius Clay, too far gone to play “rope-a-dope” with the Adversary. STEP THREE, comply, submit, get a “vaccination ID”, a “vaccine passport”, enjoy a “new normal” for as long as you can.

    After all’s said and done, one would appear still to have a relatively good chance that the second “shot” won’t kill outright. Enjoy your ride on the skyscraper-tall COVID water slide! Process trumps outcome.

    1. C'mon Man, look, how about a C-note to soften your resolve.....

      LOL made an article about your comment at Nukepro


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