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Monday, February 15, 2021

Bill Clinton Tweets Out Valentine Picture Of Hillary -- As Secret Service Behind Her Are Strategizing the Arrest

 LOL it's for fun friends and trolls....

But how tone deaf is Bill Clinton to pick this picture.   Look at those guys in the background.

Or are they quizzically thinking about "how can anyone touch that THING".

You know, that "thing" that fed radiation to Americans after advice from Kissinger to visit Japan and buy all their radioactive food without testing in order to soften them on NWO principles for the future.

YES - I BROKE THAT STORY after perusing 3000 Hilllary emails, story is here




As we see tone deaf in play, I suggest some daily meditation, even if it's short like 2 or 3 minutes.    

And be the lens that filter information and light coming into your perception.

Do not let any information come in without being actively filtered.   DO NOT listen to TV "in the background", ever.



  1. We all must be forever greatful we were spared having that monster in the white house!

    1. Yes, we missed that one. But the current configuration may be even worse.

  2. Thank you, stock, for the honor of gracing one of your posts with a poetically enhanced graphic. To offset the offal of political life in America remains a lofty goal, a Herculean challenge well met by David Dees (R.I.P.). I but blow full-cheeked against the landing of a hurricane.

    1. De nada, oh Mexican one, Hillary blows too, and the Biden debacle.....crowd was hand picked I would have loved to be there. Thinking to make a fake blog with my real name and produce lib themes so I can get into these events and disrupt with truth!


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