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Saturday, February 13, 2021

Compilation of Unusual Deaths, and Global Resignations


 As COVID kicked off Apr 27th 2020 this young medical director killed herself....

and others -- you wonder how much the overblown scary stories from China of people dropping dead in the streets played into the narratives going through people's heads.....

Two days earlier, a Bronx EMT witnessing the virus’ ruthless toll fatally shot himself with a gun belonging to his retired NYPD cop dad.

Tragic rookie paramedic John Mondello, 23, worked out of EMS Station 18 in The Bronx, which handles one of the biggest 911 call volumes in the city.


---------------------------------- RESIGNATIONS -- Interesting, but I guess it would have to be put into perspective with historical averages to have it be really impactful.


And the Epstein legacy continues....with his Chef "passing away in his sleep" as he was about to be subpoenaed by victim Maria Farmer

According to Epstein survivor Maria Farmer, who identified the dead man in the photos as Stewart, a chef was facing a subpoena in a case she was involved. Her lawyers had chased him down as a part of her case.

She said Andy Stewart was the “holy grail” of her case & he “knew everything”.


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