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Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Cop Who Died After Jan 20th Did Not Die From Injuries Sustained By A Protestor, No Arrests, No Charges

 Maybe he committed suicide after being forced to let the "protestors" into the Capital

Others have indicated a brain clot or other stroke


Democrats undoubtedly will present lots of optics this week related to Sicknick’s tragic death but Republican lawmakers, Trump’s legal team, and the media must demand more evidence. There is, of course, a chance that the FBI is having trouble identifying any suspects from the more than 200,000 tips it has gleaned so far—although one must wonder why a nationwide manhunt is finding Trump supporters charged with trespass misdemeanors, and not a heartless cop killer instead.

The more likely explanation is that Sicknick wasn’t murdered but died of other causes that neither law enforcement nor the family wants made public.

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