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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Deep State Dodges Legal Liability for 20,000 Vaccine Deaths, By "Allowing" Vaccine Manufacturers To Modify Vaccines Without Approval Process, Purportedly To "Fight Variants"

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No need to write a whole lot more than that headline.   Just an epiphany.   When in the past did we have to "worry about" variants of swine fuel, or Ebola?

Everytime that "it's different this time" should be a warning sign for you to closely observe what the real plot is.

We caught the Cabal dead to rights, and quickly, when they made the incredulous statement that when viruses mutate that they often become more dangerous.

Anyone with a brain should be able to just think and know that 99.9% of all mutations are going to be back for the organism, and not make them stronger.

This looks like a Cabal site "Learning English", aka indoctrinating the migrants...


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