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Monday, February 8, 2021

How Many Journalists Were Staged at the Jan 20th Capital fake "Coup"


Larger 3.8M picture is here




  1. All of these cameramen are Trump insurgents? Not CNN, not MSM.
    All of these people are Trumpsters, chronicling the destruction of the U.S. Government. Prove me wrong, you can't!

    1. Silly to buy that narrative. Actually downright stupid.

      There is no chance that this "event" featuring many leftist provocateurs, could have changed the government of the USA.

      Now it looks like the Officer who died, did not die of injuries sustained in this "event". Certainly there would be an arrest and charges of at least manslaughter.

      There are none. Explain that.

      By the way....normal people do not carry $3000 cameras, they use their phones.

  2. Stock
    "Now it looks like the Officer who died, did not die of injuries sustained in this "event".
    What, another conspiracy! Spreading lies again stock; wheres the juice?

    Why no charges you ask. You assume there would be an arrest and charges, however if the cops released the killers name he would be dead by sunrise. The cops are not going to release anything about the killer, even when caught. When he is "charged" then the public will know who he is and what the charges are. Just finding out what jurisdiction he would be charged in is a nightmare to figure out.

    $3,000 dollar cameras my foot. You need glasses or proof and at this point you have neither, only BS.


  4. here is the full size image of the "Viking" note only one phone used as camera, the guy following the viking just to his right, has 2 full frame cameras.


  6. Bad troll, the link works fine, yesterday and today.


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