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Friday, February 5, 2021

Mask Madness: Primary death cause in the Spanish flu was bacterial pneumonia due to prolonged mask-wearing -- Much More Resources

 stock here -- this was submitted by Lot's Wife....looking out at the human carnage

 And curiously, it came just after I wrote these words.....

stock here: if your mask is not making your breathe heat up, and if your breathing is not labored in the mask, and if you don't have a metal band to make the mask conform to the nose shape.....

Then your mask is doing nothing but proving your obedience to insane rules.



Unsure if this info is finding stone or fertile soil. A troubling silence.

Find here more evidence the news media is complicit in publishing lies and fabrications. For most cattle, the diet is satisfying and reassuring. Anxiety creeps into the herd when discouraging words slip through the fence. Mavericks agree: the truth is disruptive.

 "One similarity between conformity and obedience is that both involve an abdication of personal responsibility.”

All links are currently active.

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Primary death cause in the Spanish flu was bacterial pneumonia due to prolonged mask-wearing.

Download pdf: "Ritual Transformation and Covid: Masks, Hand Washing, Social Separation and Lockdowns - Ancient Practice to Initiate New Global Order 

Gene Decode - "masks as genetic memory of slavery" 

Dr. Andrew Kaufman: "Danish Mask-Study – Masks do NOT work !" (20. Nov. 2020)

Lee Merrit, M.D.: "Masks don't work!" Easy to get out of the pandemic!” 

Del Bigtree: IT’S COMMON SENSE! (The High Wire) 

Dr. Richard Urso: "WHY are you wearing a MASK? Masks don't work, period!” 

"Doctor Demonstrates Why Face Masks [are useless]

"Masks - These Memes Will Alter Your Perception”

"Pulmonary Expert On Health Risks Of Wearing Masks & The Lies Surrounding COVID-19” 

Extensive playlist; see Dr. Reiner Fuellmich actions in Germany and Europe

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  1. Right with the life-vest here: Even a 1000 links added to the above, we now have The CDC and TSA Mask Police.

    Ford is also on the case:

    Wow, just thinking being shipped wrecked on an island doesn't sound so bad any more.


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