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Thursday, February 11, 2021

Not Just Biden Is Anti-1st Ammendment, but Totally Anti 2A Gun and Rifle

 Las Vegas Sun did this interview, but did not publish it until the "installed' fake was put in......


We have a two-part question on gun safety. One, as you sit within distance of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history, do you think assault weapon bans are enough? And two, although public sentiment for gun-safety measures is growing and support for the NRA is weakening, there’s still strong opposition to gun measures in the Senate. What’s your plan for dealing with that opposition and successfully guiding your measures through the process?

First, I’m the only guy who’s ever beaten the NRA nationally twice. I’m the guy who got the Brady Bill up and passed and expanded, No. 1. No. 2, I was able to include an assault weapons ban and the number of rounds that could be held in any magazine.

What’s fundamentally changed since then is two things: the spontaneous response in both Florida at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School well as what happened in Connecticut.

And (the gun-safety movement) is real. One of the things I talk about is restoring the soul of the country. If you want to talk about a sick soul, one of the first things our kids now have to learn at school is the ability to duck and cover. We’re building schools that have abutments so you can avoid a mass shooting.

When the president (Barack Obama) asked me to put together executive orders in light of what happened at Pulse all the way back through Connecticut, we got a lot of them passed. And this is significant: An overwhelming majority of NRA members thought we should do away with assault weapons.

There’s no rationale whatsoever to have more than 10 rounds in a magazine, and even that is too much in my view.

I believe we can get this done because it now has a profound impact in the following sense: People are finding out — I spent a lot of time working on mental health issues, and one of the things we found was that the single generation that is most at risk in terms of their mental health is Gen Z — 7 to 17 years old. And the greatest fear of that generation is being shot in school. It’s generating legitimate, serious anxiety and affecting their mental health.

stock here -- Expect it from the "President" who Has 100 Authors Creating His Bills



So one of the things I think people are realizing is the effect on an entire generation that in fact is really being impacted on in terms of long- and short-term mental health issues.

I also dealt with the folks in Silicon Valley; we have the capacity now to build any weapon where it can only be fired with your biometric marker. And that technology doesn’t violate anyone’s Second Amendment right at all. If you pass the background check, you can purchase a weapon which only you can pull the trigger.

Uh and what if your wife if the one who needs to "pull the trigger"

So I am absolutely convinced I can get (gun-safety legislation) passed. The way we did it last time is we included it in a larger bill that had really good things in it like the Violence Against Women Act, community policing, etc.

So the way you give cover to some of our Republican friends who are scared of the NRA — and this outfit owns the White House right now — is you put it in a larger bill. So they (Republicans) say, “Look, I had to vote for it.”

You know, I have a 20-gauge and a 12-gauge shotgun. I’m a skeet shooter, and I used to go up and down the (Delmarva) Peninsula in Delaware and talk to the guys hunting and fishing. They’d say, ‘God darn, Joe, why are you taking my weapon away? You’re taking my shotgun.”

And I’d show ’em a picture of an assault rifle and I’d say, “You need this to hunt with? And you need a magazine with a hundred rounds or 30 rounds? You must be a lousy damn shot.”

The point is, it’s a totally salable idea.


Biden is a bought and paid for piece of shit.    Look at the nearest quote....shotguns rarely have more than 5 rounds....and that is not the point.   Hunting and self protection are different altogether.    In a shooting scenario...cops will always shot twice and maybe more....because it is an inaccurate process.    So in a shootout...someone shooting at you and you at them, you are trying to get cover whilst they are tyring to get cover, and you are both amped out on adrenaline.    In the best case an experienced and trained soldier might get 1 of 3 rounds to hit.    So thinking that in a back and forth firefight that nine rounds might find the "innocent" man completely safe and secured is wrong.     

And then the talk of a 100 round magazine....obviously bullshit.   On a pistol, of course not....the most basic defense on the road and most basic in a home is a pistol.  But 12 or more rounds is more likely to protect.    So if 100 is bullshit....does that make 30 bullshit and absurd?    Carrying multiple magazines, in an emergency, and changing magazines in a fire fight, is not likely.   30 rounds is not absurd and easily done.

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