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Wednesday, February 10, 2021

NWO New Meme -- Be Mediocre! Give up high standards for more flexibility and an overall easier life


i.e. do not joust the trolls, do not fight back on government overreach.... 

if its coming from the BBC you can assure it is not good for you


  1. ‘Twixt and ‘Tween (an embryonic poem)

    Between black and white, let me be gray.
    Between dawn and dusk, let me be noon.
    Between dusk and dawn, let me sleep in peace.

    Between good and evil, let me be just.
    Between right and wrong, let me choose.
    Between birth and death, let me free to live.

  2. I can no longer reply to comments on my articles.....hmmmm

  3. That won't last long. I win.


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