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Thursday, February 25, 2021

NYT: Thinking Critically Is Only OK If You Have Baseline Context, and You Don't, Therefore Don't Even Try. What Is Online Is Untrustworthy, So Don't Waste Your Time, Instead, Follow NYT 100%. Plus Virus Epidemics are Manufactured.

Submitted by a Critical Thinker, Lot's Wife....looking out at the devastation.


I doubt this book has been reviewed by NPR…as you scan readers’ comments it becomes obvious why the state-operated news agency would ignore it. Too hot to handle. No one wants to be hit in the face with a dead fish or admit they were conned. If you can come to terms with it, now’s a good time to begin analyzing how you got sucked in. 


Coincidentally, did you see the NYTimes essay advising readers to abandon critical thinking? Apropos of the Covid “vaccine”, this is an issue best left to the professionals, we’re told. 

We lack baseline context and don’t know how to think critically; attempting it just leads to problems. Best to leave such skills to experts and authority figures. 

Listen and obey.

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