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Friday, February 19, 2021

SHOCKING: Pelosi Hired a BIGOT To Hunt MAGA

 Check the comments below.   I do believe that they are not just pushing and agenda, but also intentionally trying to create outrage all around.   Move from the center as you assimilate your outrage and turn it into effectively applied energy.

I expect "them" to give Trump a voice in some ways.   They need him to keep the polarization up. 

I expect a "real" false flag mass shooting within the week.

"They" have already hurt, significantly, 10's of millions, maybe 100M. JUST with the COVID events. Living in perpetual fear is highly damaging to a complex mammal.



The man just called me a racist. He doesn't know me. That is just despicable.
Right? It's wholesale dehumanization. Respond accordingly.
Don’t you get it? All white people, especially men, are racists with white privilege.
That figures. Her hate for anyone who doesn't agree with Democrats.
I call her just a Demon-Rat. All you have to do is look in her backyard, and the cistern that she's representing. All of our brothers and sisters are suffering under her rule. This needs to stop! California is dying due to the basic emotions of wanting a better life for them, and their loved ones. Her madness will never end until our compatriots realize this, and make the decision to vote for those who will stand up in the swamp for righteousness! Left or Right, doesn't matter, but ask yourself this question, What would you want the future generations to go through! THINK!!!
Democrats are stuck in the past Biden is old ,tired, weak, and controlled by China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ if you see the truth then you Democrats are lost .we the people are strong and aren't controlled by the deep state. We believe in truth, and justice for all Americans and the constitution of the United States of America πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ.
Pelosi starving America to death while they lie to America again, using fake evidence and doctored videos.They edited video, used fake tweeds, as Evidence in Congress on the Capitol Case? This shows you how criminal these people are. If you want to see proof just watch Trump lawyer's closing statement. Pelosi and her team need to be arrested for treason.
I hear now some of the Democrats are suing Trump for the capital riot. The Democrats are so stupid to think that Trump won't put on a defense. He's lawyers will call on Nancy Pelosi to find out why she knew what was going to happen and just blew it off. Then they will call everyone in the Democrats party that said the same thing. Now that would be fun to watch.
The American people are sick and tired of all this BS
America democrats need to shut up. We Americans have had enough.
Ain't that the truth!
Very well said! Instead of face masks for Democrats, they need duct tape across their mouths. That will bring Unity far faster than letting them speak.
More than. Make no mistake, we are the majority... contrary to TPTB gaslighting us.
This man is ridiculous he's living in a different alternate world of reality he needs to wake up from stupid world.
WTF? This guy’s beliefs are a mirror Image of not only Al Sharpton, but the Leftest’s Party. Just another sellout to the Democratic Masters!
People like that are how racism starts in people who arent racists. On BOTH SIDES feeling like you need protection from "other" is exactly what racism is about !!!
It's sounds like he is racists
He sounds so ignorant.
Listen to his words & the feeling in then. Just WHO is the racist?

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