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Friday, February 26, 2021

Soros And Gang Pays Antifa Types to Vandalize Holocaust Statues, Stab Asians

stock here:  In all "revolutions" a number of deaths that produce outrage are needed.  

In Yugoslavia, that was the routine.  And this barely clothed female tells that story, get her a shirt!

Hmmm......YouTube terminated the account in which the Yugoslavian Female described the methods of their "revolution".

I found it on Bitchute and here it is:

And the direct link:


In USA, they scripted the same narrative.  Especially at the curious enough Floyd event.

And then on the Jan 6th joke of an Insurrection.  It was nothing of the sort.

They needed at least one death, so they scripted the death of the female vet.   She had to be in on it too, as she fell back after the fake shot.

And the death of the Police officer....the whole initial narrative was a joke, did not make sense.    Anyone who knows how bodies and objects move would quickly realize that the story was made up.   They pretended that someone threw a fire extinguisher, and richocheted off the cops head and then hit several other police too.

Sorry a fire extinguisher hitting a head would not ricochet.  

Today, we have ABC running stories in the same visual block of Anti-semite attacks, and a stabbing of an Asian.    Seems like the Asians were the least "outraged" in the whole year, and therefore they must be attacked.

But beware....they will need deaths too.   Expect to be targeted by the Soros groups, and real danger is possible.  

And HERE is Soros In August 2020 With This Charade

Soros Says "Eyes on Europe, Europe At Extreme Risk", USA "No Problem" Because of Constitution: Asshat: USA is the Prime and ONLY Target At This Time

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