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Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The Cabal Wants Not JUST to Destroy Donald Trump, They Want To "Erase" Him

 From the American Thinker, full story at link

Mindlessness and moral idiocy are not characteristically human attributes; they are symptoms of herd-poisoning” - Aldous Huxley

Has there ever been a situation throughout all of American history where the Democrat party is so terrified of one man and his supporters that they set out to destroy him unrelentingly from the moment he won an election, throughout his four-year term in office and after he has left office?  No. Never.  But the left is so frightened of Donald Trump that they mean to literally erase evidence of his existence. 

In short, the left has mounted a wholesale campaign to destroy him and to show his supporters they had better forget about him and never again support such a candidate, an outsider.  

But that’s not going to happen; they are foolish to the core of their beings.  Because they have no sense of loyalty to anyone, they do not recognize loyalty in others.

They have impeached Trump twice now without a shred of evidence he did anything wrong. The first time it was likely to cover up the Biden family’s corruption and crimes re: Ukraine.  The second time, a “snap” impeachment, was to absurdly blame him for the breach of the Capitol building on January 6th.   That event was very likely planned by anti-Trump activists with a few supporters who got mixed up with them.  How to explain the insufficient deployment of Capitol Police on the scene?  

Was that possibly part of the plan by a few anti-Trumpers in Congress? The chief of the Capitol police had begged numerous times for additional manpower to help with the massive crowd that would be attending.  He was repeatedly told no.  How does that make any sense?  

Perhaps the Democrats wanted that feeble display of “insurrection” to happen.  It set up their plan to turn DC into a military compound. The troops  have been treated horribly, of course; the left loathes our soldiers. 


  1. With great respect, the (s)election of POTUS 2020 -- now POTUS 2024!! -- goes on and on. Like a heroin addict scraping together what passes for money for the next dose, each "cut" thinner with crapola, the hunger growing with each score, so with those caught in the dualistic delusion of a "competition" between independently minded political parties. Actually, parties increasingly transparent fronts for BIG EVERYING.


    It's all drama "out there", hardly any Truth unmixed with spin, disinformation, and outright LIES. 'Tis true today, virtually all beLIEved is a LIE, a fictitious soap opera for those still dependent on Hopium, the 21st Century's NEW WORLD ORDER religion -- call it the Politics of Hope and Change.

    Ain't gonna happen, folks! When you let loose of the addiction to hope, find a rock upon which to stand and declare yourself FREE, no matter what. With prayer and faith, the Divine (by whatever name) will answer, and you'll be on The Way again!

    Just my opinion....

    1. Still the cabal is evil and seems to be winning. Although God wins eventually, I want the win now. Exposing the treachery is important.

    2. All in good (GOD's) time. Of course, I have to -- and do -- concur with your assessment and sentiment. Sooner better than later!

      The treachery, however, may well involve The Power$ That Be playing both Black Hats and White Hats, with Donald Trump a willing body for the puppet show to date, a major distracting force whilst those playing "Wizard of OZ" work feverishly behind the scenes ripping apart and tearing down America. Exposing the machinations of evil forces takes us to the next step -- finding ways to disengage and otherwise cease contributing to our own downfall. No mean feat, the latter!

      Keep up the superb work you do!

    3. Mahalo! Perchance you saw Mathis' latest update to the "fake election" on all sides, 31 pages

      He does get Milwaukee's 11th district wrong is like 60% black.


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