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Sunday, February 14, 2021

What is the Great Reset? | Davos Agenda 2021 -- 27,000 Downvotes, 2,300 Upvotes

Who are the 2300 asshats that upvoted this shit? --------------------------------------------------------

The Great Reset -- 4 Minutes of Propaganda spoken in female queens english.


The Great Reset debunked by a raging free-market capitalist  -- Douglas Kruger


  1. Hey Stock.. Long time No see...

    Go hows it?

    1. Aloha! Hey its good. Been forecasting volcanos and EQ --fun stuff, creating new geophysics. Overwintering in Hawaii this year....its already full marxist so I figured they wouldn't burn it down.

      Coming up on 10th anniversary....can you believe that!

      And as expected, no corium in sight.

      Big EQ over there too, haven't had time to analysis, but the Tohoku EQ happened as we were coming out of the lows of solar cycle 24, now we come out of solar cycle lows...its all about GCRs!


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