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Monday, March 8, 2021

Only 1 in 100 VAX Deaths Reported to CDC: 1365 Healthcare Workers Report "Acute Allergic Reaction" Of Total 64,900 Gene Therapy Shots

stock here: That is quite a bit, from a well followed up study at Mass General Brigham.

I got this report from a JAMA email.   JAMA seems to be carrying water for the Cabal.

Of the most severe Acute Allergic Reactions, requiring instant medical intervention, 94% were female.   That is beyond amazing.

CDC says HERE that 

Pfizer mRNA      caused 74.2% of the Severe Events
Moderna mRNA caused 25.8% of the Severe Events

On the CDC article published on Feb 28th, they state that just113 deaths occurred, but the data was only up to January 13th.    

SERIOUSLY, the CDC is 6 weeks behind in being able to tally up the deaths!!

Amazingly, the JAMA opening statement is this: "Anaphylaxis to the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is currently estimated to occur in 2.5 to 11.1 cases per million doses" when their own data clearly show that it is much much more.    In their opening sentence, they use CDC statements!!! How infuriating is that.    

What the heck!?    Can you do the math!?

And then they compare to CDC claims of miniscule numbers of severe acute reactions, of .025 per 10,000 jabs.     They are saying 2.5 per million jabs.     This is from the VAERS system.

Knowing that 16 of Mass General recipients needed severe and immediate medical care, of the 64,900 total jabs, or 249 cases per Million needing severe and immediate medical care.

This indicates a reporting ratio to the VAERS of just 1 in 100.   i.e. 249 in a tight study, versus 2.5 per million in a self reported study VAERS.

Back to the CDC "report" --- news flash....they are still murdering seniors.

VAERS received 78 reports of death after COVID-19 vaccination in LTCF residents, and approximately one half were in residents who were in hospice or who had a do-not-resuscitate status. Reported causes of death in LTCF residents after COVID-19 vaccination are consistent with expected all-cause mortality in this population. Among deaths in persons with available death certificate and autopsy information who were not LTCF residents, causes of death were consistent with background all-cause mortality and did not indicate any unexpected pattern that might suggest a causal relationship with vaccination 

So 78 Deaths were reported to VAERS, but only 1 in 100 gets reported.    So 7800 deaths in the first month in senior homes.

A goal of the CDC and FDA is to "maintain public confidence".   They really do say that in the second to last paragraph.
They also compare risk from the vaccine, to risk of injecting radioactive iodine to imagine the circulation systems of really debilitated people.   Yes, really...."its just as safe".

I sent an email to Julianne Gee at CDC to ask about the VAERS reporting rate.

Corresponding author: Julianne Gee,


  1. The CDC did not respond to my question about reporting rate....imagine that.

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