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Monday, March 8, 2021

42,200 Seniors Murdered With COVID Vax -- in Long Term Care Facilities -- Up to Feb 26th

 stock here: it's a big claim.    I think the proof I found makes it quite clear.

Look at the top graphic and right click to get a larger view.    42,200 Seniors in LTCF died after getting the jab (let's not call it a Vaccine)

HERE is the VAERS CDC site where you can generate reports, download data.;jsessionid=F70D1C86D0D28D25D999D6BF596E

Only about 1 in 100 adverse vaccine events are reported to the CDC VAERS tracking system.   And this is true even for extreme events.

Here is the ARTICLE that this information below came from, the rational basis for only 1 in 100 reported.    

Amazingly, the JAMA opening statement is this: "Anaphylaxis to the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is currently estimated to occur in 2.5 to 11.1 cases per million doses" when their own data clearly show that it is much much more.    In their opening sentence, they use CDC statements!!! How infuriating is that.    

What the heck!?    Can you do the math!?

And then they compare to CDC claims of miniscule numbers of severe acute reactions, of .025 per 10,000 jabs.     They are saying 2.5 per million jabs.     This is from the VAERS system.

Knowing that 16 of Mass General recipients needed severe and immediate medical care, of the 64,900 total jabs, or 249 cases per Million needing severe and immediate medical care.

This indicates a reporting ratio to the VAERS of just 1 in 100.   i.e. 249 in a tight study, versus 2.5 per million in a self reported study VAERS.

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