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Friday, March 5, 2021

All the MSM Piles On Cuomo, Is He Their Sacrificial Lamb, So The Real Stories Are Distracted From and Covered Up?

 stock here:  I posted this on POAL and got some interesting responses.

And you have to admire the Deep States double play on the lamb. They bring up the deaths, and then suddenly three women come out of the woodwork and shift the attention to something else, whilst also pushing the narrative of white man bad, misoginistic systemic harassments and put downs and unequal pay unless you play.

What else are y'all seeing as part of this obvious pile on?


Whenever the MSM focus onto something like this, there's always something going on that they don't want people to notice.

Another "Accuser"
[–] x0x7 3 pts (+3|-0) 2d ago

They aren't talking about Biden much. They aren't talking about how cases are actually going up while they are claiming they are going down. Everyone I know has it right now. Thank goodness. Everyone who gets it wakes up to how silly it was to waste a year of their life over it.

[–] xmasskull 2 pts (+2|-0) 2d ago

This is all a distraction from biden putting people,good people out of work whilst collapsing the economy further,then blame Trump AGAIN.

[–] LordJim 1 pt (+1|-0) 2d ago

I think Cuomo started to get too much love from the npcs and got cocky which pissed off some of the elites that are behind the scenes higher status than Cuomo, guys like DeBlasio for instance, so they decided to put him in his place.

[–] x0byte 1 pt (+1|-0) 2d ago

The lesson here, kids, is that high profile people who go down for alleged sexual misconduct were actually brutal mass murderers. But the sensationalist stories around sex are the magical misdirection. Makes you wonder what Epstein and Maxwell might have done...

[–] o0shad0o 0 pt (+0|-0) yesterday

It's a general distraction. The #metoo thing will disappear eventually too. And no one will remember how many nursing home residents died due to his actions.

The answer is an unequivocal yes. He is being sacrificed in order to protect the other governors that killed our family members. They are hoping to turn it into me too which supports their narratives rather than a bunch of democratic governors colluded to kill your grandma and rig an election which does not help their narrative. 

 [–] Hodor123 0 pt (+0|-0) 2d ago Yes keep posting about the deaths 

 [–] nwguy 0 pt (+0|-0) yesterday no , the useful idiot has served his purpose. now he will be tossed aside 

 [–] green_man 0 pt (+0|-0) 2d ago Remember all of those stories about jews doing shit like holding weddings and other events in supermarkets to skirt the covid rules? Cuomo is getting piled on, and will probably be removed, because of how he handled and brought attention to those filthy acidic kikes that were ignoring covid lock downs and pulling shit like that. 

 [–] FreeinTX 0 pt (+0|-0) yesterday Several governors killed granny. Cuomo is the one who was caught lying about it. Sexual harassment, that never actually happened, is his falling on the sword moment.


  1. I think Cuomo should be raked over coals and cooling his heels on deathrow over his mass-murder of elderly people in nursing homes.
    I agree the mashing charges are hyped to distract (it is worth hyping in the NY press) ...but his murder spree cannotbe hyped enough and seems ignored.
    People who know about it are livid and I know I am not the only one who is reminded of the killing of elderly people during Katrina by non-evacuation, abandonment in hovels licensed as nursing "homes" and dumped with supplies or care at the airport/morgue. PTSD from that makes me blow steam at the mention of the killer NY gov. or his bufoon brother.

    1. Love it when you talk dirty like the crack head you are. I know you can blow steam but what else? Whatever drug your on, you might thing of cooling your own heals and lay off the Stock cool aid.


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