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Monday, March 29, 2021

Ashkenazi Using the Blacks For Their Agenda, Just Like Before, Edward Bernays, Freud's Nephew

stock here, LOL, someone cleaned to this to be "less of a raving lunatic" in my opinion. Unless we stop the unified control of the media and their lies, there will be greater problems ahead.

And it seems like there is no alternative to "greater problems", but we shall see.


Cleaned it up a bit to sound less like a raving lunatic, and also to be more of a general rallying cry instead of just you being "mad as hell, and not gonna take it anymore."

It's always blacks and the jews who support them.

All the videos of election fraud? Blacks are doing it. The glut of arson, backed up by Israeli dual-nationals in American universities (“antifa professors”)? Done by blacks, and literally paid on video by said professors. Random assault, rape, murder, and torture against men, women, pregnant women, children, and the elderly? Done by blacks

Blacks are robbing people and carjacking them. They cry racism while they commit racist acts. They shout about discrimination while blaming everyone else for THEIR choices.

The media is all “run by Whites” unless being White is a problem. Then these media figures (along with judges and CEOs) become blameless. They're actually jewish, and make sure to point that out when accused of “White supremacy.”

Blacks shoot countless people and each other. The jewish media pundits blame it on Whites, while demanding Whites give up their guns.

Blacks commit election fraud and mob people for their political opinions. They burn churches. They silence opposition with violence. Meanwhile, jewish mayors and governors order the police to stand down.

It's always the blacks, supported by the out of control media, and enabled by the Israelis on Wall Street and in government.

End the media. End the banks. End Wall Street grifting. End black and jewish privilege.

We as a people—White Americans and Europeans—have a RIGHT to exist.

It is NOT racism, antisemitism, or hate to call these people out for their continual deprivations and predations against us, their fraudulent behavior, and their false cries of “oppression.” We have a right to exist and to advocate for the defense of ourselves as a people against an obvious system of fraud and violent suppression. A system that is blatantly attacking us, discriminating against us, and replacing us in all areas of society simply because of our culture, our faith, our rights, and our skin color.


  • It is not illegal to speak out in defense of Whites, as the Proud Boys did.

  • It is not illegal to ward off an armed mob, as the McCloskeys did, especially when the police are used against us.

  • It is not illegal to defend yourself or your community against black and jewish terrorists as Kyle Rittenhouse did, especially when a pro-Israeli President refuses to enforce the law and governors, mayors, and district attorneys aid and abet terrorism.

  • It is not illegal to resist unlawful mandates that are designed on their face to deprive us of liberties under the color of law.

Our skin color, faith, ethnicity, and exercising of our rights (including to protest, assemble, bear arms, and associate) do NOT convert our essential liberties into crimes, no matter what others say or do. Our people have a right to exist. We have a right to associate with or separate from whoever we wish. We have a right to do these things and not have our essential liberties deemed “criminal.” We have a right to speak, even when others such as BLM or Antifa exercise the “heckler's veto” and create a dangerous situation by assaulting us. We have the right to defend against these agitators, and police have the obligation to arrest those committing assault in front of them, as those individuals are actively breaking the law.

We have the right to bear arms. We have the right to assemble while bearing said arms. We have the right to assemble while bearing said arms to defend ourselves against the out of control mobs radicalized by CIA and FBI propaganda—against mobs who attack anyone exercising their rights when they don't agree with them. We have the right to defend ourselves if attacked in the process of exercising our right to speak freely.

This is not a call to violence or lawlessness. This is merely an assertion of our rights as people, and a petition for our right to equal protection under the law. This protection has been violated by the government at both the State and Federal levels. The government has violated its charter and oath willfully and flagrantly, as have all of its officials in every capacity and at every level. It is no longer legitimate or representative.

  • It taxes us without representation.

  • It disarms us without meaningful recourse.

  • It blocks petitions while allowing no say in the process.

  • It manipulates the courts and the juries, as with the January 6th protests, and General Flynn's trial.

  • Its elected representatives are elected in name only.

  • Its mouthpiece media condemns sixty percent of the population as “murderers and terrorists” for the crimes committed by blacks, Israelis, and muslims supported by the media.

  • Its journalists call for our genocide—our extermination—because of our skin color.

  • Its NGO's actively call for our voices to be censored, our churches broken up, and our traditions such as Christmas to be suppressed.

  • It calls for our replacement through forced mixing with other demographics.

  • Its supporters actively spew vitriol against our people, openly calling for violence against us and anything we support or believe.

  • Its officials joke about dropping nuclear weapons on American citizens if we refuse to disarm.

  • Its media producers speak about breaking up our families, and stereotype us in the drive to make the public despise our people for our skin color, while supporting the destruction of our culture and our traditions.

They do all of these things, and we have had enough of the nonsense.

So what do you think???


  1. "Raving", yes. Partly right, if "all white"? YES! I do note here that "The Proud Boys", in all likelihood, soon served as "controlled opposition" and was, from the get-go, fully and completely "cognitively infiltrated".

    For those who can stand the diametric OPPOSITE of stock's brave posting, I suggest -- nay, highly recommend -- a more academic essay that addresses the very same, general issue:


    The two part essay is a review by Pichard McCullouch of the book "White Identity Politics", authored by Greg Johnson.

    Those who manage to read both parts of the book review will come away with a sober, thoughtful assessment of "White Nationalism", "White Identitarianism" (gads!!), and, most importantly, an appreciation of the great challenges ahead for all "uppity whites", some perhaps more timid than others.

    I would -- and likely stock would, too -- be very interested in your comments on this very important, contemporary issue!

  2. Right With The Shit:

    Don't wait for a better out come, there is a Warrior in all of us. A true Warrior sacrifices self for others to prevail.

    You do not need permission to maneuver to be a better player. Back in the 80s we refereed to this as our STRAW MAN, our names in all CAPS which makes the common man a slave to the system. This is the true deck of our ship but also a lighthouse to the problem.


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