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Monday, March 15, 2021

Breonna Taylor -- The Media Lies Are Horrific, Used to Destabilize USA, And Should be Prosecuted

 I beg everyone to go read the leaked investigation report on Breonna wasn't completely without fault in her death. She had an ongoing relationship with a known drug dealer. She bailed him out of jail a couple of times. She held his cash. She (and everyone in their circle) knew of his drug houses ("traps"). She was photographed outside of one and referred to the "trap" on a phone call. She rented him a car. In 2016 a man was found dead in another car she rented. She received mailed drugs to her apartment. He listed her address as his and she was fine with that. She was smack in the middle of his criminal activity and so - of course - a warrant was issued for her apartment at the same time warrants were issued for 3 other locations involved with their criminal enterprise. She set the stage for the police raid with years of cavorting with criminals. She would still be alive if she had broken ties with that crowd or if her cowardly new boyfriend hadn't shot the cop then dived out of the way leaving her the only target in the hallway. Somehow he's free, Breonna's dead and the cops are in trouble.

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