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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Colorado Gun Grab -- As COVID, and "Racism" Lose Luster, Expect Mass Murders to Accelerate



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    1. So basically, he was put up to this task, but he was doing nothing illegal. I guess they had to show that snitch citizens and armed "ballistic" officers (militarization of police is "good") can actually work. Even though 7 recent mass murderers were all on the FBIs radar, they failed to stop any of them.

      Then they charge the guy with "conspiracy" to commit a felony, and then possession of 6 firearms in a felony. Obviously they have no proof of any intent to commit a felony, so the case will go nowhere.

      But the gun grabbing agenda is there and supported by this farce. Got any time to check this guys social media....surely all been scrubbed before anything happened.

      Oh yeah, when I intend to shoot up a store I bog myself down with excessive weapons, instead of magazines, and then in final prep, the AR15 is too big to lean up by the toilet, so I set it on a wall outside the toilet enclosure....yeah right.

      Bullshit out of the gate.


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