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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

COVID Jab Kills In A Number of Ways, But a Cytokine Storm Is A Big One to Watch Out For: Warn Your Friends and Relatives


stock here: A potential immediate reaction to the COVID Jab (lets not call it a vaccine, as it is a gene therapy) is a Cytokine Storm.    This could happen near term, or next fall when or years from now, when you get the common cold or flu.

People are so awfully set in their are not likely to get them to change their mind on taking the vaccine or not.  

But you can at least get them to watch out for symptoms that something is not right, and pull the trigger on the trip to the emergency room, and not "wait to see how you feel in the morning", there may be no morning. 


Symptoms of a Cytokine Storm

Generally speaking, people don’t go from feeling perfectly fine to battling a life-threatening cytokine storm in a flash.

“By the time you have a cytokine storm, you’re probably on your way to the ICU or you’re there already,” says Dr. Yu. In other words, someone is already pretty ill and in the hospital by the time this critical situation develops. It is not something you need to be monitoring for in yourself or a sick loved one at home.

Doctors know whether someone is in the midst of a cytokine storm thanks to a combination of symptoms and lab tests.

Symptoms tend to include:

  • Fever
  • Widespread pain
  • Shortness of breath

Dr. Cron says patients also have very low blood pressure and a very fast heart rate.

Lab work often indicates:

  • Abnormally high liver enzymes
  • Elevated inflammatory disease markers like C-reactive protein and TNF
  • High ferritin (iron storage) levels

“A cytokine storm produces a lot of inflammation everywhere, including in the lungs,” adds Dr. Yu. Excessive inflammation in the lungs is what is leading some people with COVID-19 to require a ventilator.

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