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Friday, March 12, 2021

Death Rate From Vaccine Is Higher Than Death Rate From Virus

Saw this on the net as a comment.   I don't agree that "every single animal died" but the studies I read
said 20% died (Monkeys) when they were "rechallenged" wit the virus.

I mean things like this are just not aging well....


Labs have been trying for years to produce an mRNA “vaccine” (which isn’t a true vaccine) to address various viruses from SARS and MERS (a type of coronavirus). These “vaccines” were tested on animals, including cats and ferrets. EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL DIED. THERE HAS BEEN NO SUCCESSFUL TEST ON ANIMALS.

See this interview of Dr. Lee Merritt, a former military doctor who studied biological warfare. She explains the science behind the vaccine, and warns that the effect can be deathly.

As an aside, Israel is mandating vaccines and is using Pfizer’s mRNA “vaccine”, making it a perfect “laboratory” for testing the “vaccine”. In older people, the death rate after being vaccinated is about 40 times higher than the death rate from COVID-19. In younger people, the death rate after vaccination is about 260 times higher than the death rate from COVID-19. See:

1. Why take the “vaccine” if the death rate is higher than the disease it’s designed to suppress?

2. Dr. Merritt’s explanation of how the “vaccine” works explains why this higher rate of death is occurring after being vaccinated, and why there’s no direct way to link the deaths to the “vaccines”.

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