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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Disqus is now openly carrying water for the Cabal.

Disqus is now openly carrying water for the Cabal.   ABC is using Disqus as "one step removed" in an attempt to mitigate their liability from censorship.


"Rachel" Levin -- let's talk facts.    She supported the policy of driving COVID sick patients into nursing homes, and making it illegal to test them prior to putting the COVID sick into the nursing homes.    At the same time, she took her mom out of a nursing home and put Mom into a private care facility.

I would say that make her disqualified from holding public office of any type.

What do you thinks?


 Robert Smead 4 others upvoted you on Rachel Levine confirmed by Senate, becomes highest ranking openly transgender official 6 hours ago

Pits  11 hours ago

Saying "it" is a very u gly way to talk about another human being who God made just like He made you.

xToddrick  14 hours ago

Didn't happen. In fact they stopped Trump from illegally trying to sway the election in his favor.

French Solaras
French Solaras  a few seconds from now

No that is low information. They "made it up", fabricated "evidence", try harder, or even try just a little bit.

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