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Friday, March 12, 2021

Even While COVID Vax Caused Deaths in USA Soar Above 100,000...It's Actually Worse, As CDC Busted Removing Earlier Death Records!

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I have developed scientific data, using peer reviewed medical journals, to show that only about 1 in 100 Vax Adverse Reactions are reported to VAERS.   This holds true for even the Severe Events requiring medical intervention, and DEATH.

As of today the VAERS system is reporting 1,136 Deaths associated with COVID JAB, and since only 1 of 100 is reported, a  good estimate is that 113,600 deaths have occurred

Dr Vernon Cole does a deep dive into specific example of COVAX injury and death, but he misses the biggest point of all....only 1 in 100 events get reported.  I'll inform him by email.   Truth Developers need to band together and be force multipliers for others work.   

And below video busts CDC "dead to rights" in removing earlier weeks Severe Events and Deaths.     It is also very clear that this is done intentionally....they are not removing any of the less than Severe events.


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