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Friday, March 19, 2021

Ex_President Biden Trips and Falls Hard, Day After He Call Jamaican Harris "President". We Knew This All Along.


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  1. JIM STONE, perhaps rivaling Miles Mathis in claiming "fakery" for well publicized events, sees Biden's tripping differently -- sort of like many said of Pelosi's recent video, which suggesting drunknness. Mr. Stone had this to share with us

    Biden DID NOT trip on the stairs to air force one, the new videos are fakes also. Suddenly there's a pile of Biden vids showing him in embarrassing situations. Videos they'd NEVER release under normal circumstances. And they are fake too. They HAVE TO prove this guy is not just bits and bytes so they are releasing better "unflattering to make them believable" fakes that have had better scrutiny to bury THIS:
    "NOT MY PRESIDENT" is no longer relevant. It is instead "I WANT MY PRESIDENT", because it is obvious America is now operating without one.


    Biden "stumbled on the stairs to air force one????" Not hardly. After their fake of Biden they just got busted for, they need to convincingly humanize the corpse so they released a "poke fun" video of him tripping to "prove he's actually not spawning amoebas". AND PEOPLE GOT SUCKERED BY IT. I don't believe the Biden tripping video is anything other than an AI generating it, the microphones told the WHOLE story without picking up a voice or noise at all. How could they? They were just bytes off a hard drive.

    Speaking of Miles Mathis, the Perspicacious Powerhouse of Pronouncements deemed a couple more presidential assassinations "faked" so that The Power$ That Be, then as now, could have their preferred (s)elected man -- in the case of Joe Biden, likely the first woman -- step into the office of POTUS. According to Mr. mathis, preceding this widely predicted and expected transition were the "faked assassinations" of Presidents William McKinley and James Garfield. They join the select (!) pair Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy as stepping off the stage, according to Miles Mathis, alive if not kickingly so!

    Make of it what you will!


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