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Tuesday, March 2, 2021

FBI Director Wray -- Must Be Removed -- Cabal Controlled -- Says Jan 6 Domestic Terrorism (It Was -- From The Leftists) But Refuses to Release Report. Says "Investigating" Officer Sickwick Death But Sidesteps Saying A Homicide Investigation

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Trump could have and should have investigated these appointments better.    Christopher Wray is totally deep state / Cabal.

I knew this in the fake story of the bombs all "mailed" to leftists politicians, and to Cuomo the talking head one.    And Wray claimed they were bombs with "incendiary material".    In other words, they were stuffed with cardboard.

There were no "explosive" type charges filed against the guy with the supposed van plastered with Trump stickers.


View this at 12:26 going forward:

It might be easier to view here:

The Hill is ussually a leftist POS rag, but sometimes they actually try some news.

Here is Wray declaring Jan 6th an act of Domestic Terrorism

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