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Monday, March 8, 2021

Jen Psaki Now A Member of the "Black Eye Club"

Avid reader, still reporting the "news" whilst on a permanent move to Mexico, escaping Newsome's nightmare. 

8 Match 2021 Travelogue:  Bakersfield yesterday, onward southward blithely to Blyth, Kalifornication, today, GOD willing, Mammonites permitting.


FYI.  Just like yourself, stock, and Mr. Stone, I have no firm, confirmed idea what this kind of thing is all about <The black eye club>.  Gives theories about "aliens in (or on) Earth" -- long ago and now -- fresh life.  For example, Yukon Jack's recently "pushed" narrative on Darkmoon and sister site The Truthseeker (UK).

The above makes for light reading, indeed -- especially the comments.  For those with nothing better to do and about which to think.


Back to apparent mystery of blackened eyes of notables:  Jim Stone (in blue font color) also posted the picture, which may not reproduce in this transmission.  Photo at link.

Jen Psaki is now in the black eye club.

First Mitt Romney. Then Nancy Pelosi.NOW THIS:

IMPORTANT: When I came across this, I figured someone was probably doing deep fakes of black eyes, because you know - NO WAY. So I went to an original press briefing that happened a day later, and sure enough the make-up is not doing it's job.

WHAT is going on? Who is physically beating high level people in the U.S. government??? Are Psaki, Romney, and Pelosi, as bad as they are, not bad enough??? Who is giving the orders??? Is Kamala having this done?



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