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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Large Earthquake Alert Issued: March 11 Thru March 31, March 21 Equinox As Most Likely Date

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No time to write up all the justifications.   It is primarily based on the magma chambers having been primed for years by CGRs excessively allowed in by low Local Yellow Dwarf activity and decreased magnetic shield due to pole shifting acceleration.   Also just based on "Observation".

And the increase Solar activity, including equatorial coronal holes.

Of course we suspect activity on the Ring of Fire, Perhaps Japan or the Aleutians.   

The 2018 huge and deep EQ on the Northern slopes of Alaska plays into the Aleutian thinking, in light of many deep earthquakes peppering the ring of fire in the last few days.    Something big is going on deep inside the earth.

Of course, my already in place call for increased volcanic activity (and earthquakes, they are totally related) in Hawaii remains and is INCREASED.    On Dec 8, 2020 I called for an eruption of Moana Loa or Kilauea within 4 weeks and target of the Winter Solstice Dec 21.    Kilauea erupted on Dec 21.   

LOL, The Volcano Whisperer, proof here

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