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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Mitt Romney, Republican in Name Only (RINO) Gets His Black Eye, Was Knocked Unconscious. Many Politicians and Celebrities Are Getting Black Eyes.

 stock here: wish I could deep dive into some of these, no time. 

Romney also says he was knocked unconscious.    But no story on how he woke up, did someone find him, where was it at, and is he being investigated for concussion?

The question is why?

Are they literally being threatened and beat up?

Is it part of some occult or other power grabbing ritual?

Is it lack of a chemical that they take, or maybe a result of a chemical that they take?


I haven't seen anything published on hypothesis.

Any clues, ideas?


  1. wow! what a compilation! Must be some Masonic thing.

    1. Look at Harry Reid....what a "ceremony". Self inflicted to gain power, show dedication?


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