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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

MSM Pretending That CDC Told Us Not A Single Death Due To The "Vaccine"

stock here, I did email to ask who specifically she spoke to at the CDC.   As Biden
pushes for mask mandates.

Are you "fully vaccinated"?   Note that this reporters station which is now FOX, was previously associated with the Cabal, and interesting enough, the Nigerian Television Authority

If you want to write to the author, use this

"In fact, the CDC told me they have zero deaths shown to be linked to any COVID-19 vaccine so far.

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More gaslighting!

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WBRC) - Beware what you see on social media--some information circulating about COVID-19 vaccines is not accurate.

VAERS is a data surveillance system from the CDC, but people are misinterpreting what it is.

The VAERS website allows people to report adverse vaccine reactions and then a process begins to validate those claims, it’s hard to navigate the data but there are screenshots circulating that miss context. In fact the whole front page of VAERS has a disclaimer explaining that just because someone reports an issue does not mean it has been validated.

I reached out to Alabama and National health officials.

FOX  WBRC is also pushing the Wide Eyed Lib Leaning CDC "Director" who feels there is impending doom.   A "Candid warning".

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