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Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Nancy Pelosi on video Drunk as a Skunk

 stock here: I seriously have to wonder if this is a deep fake.


  1. Fake from day 1 and every body knows it.

    50 plus web sites say Nancy is NOT drunk and the videos are altered to show she is

    1. Nonetheless, she is a drunkard. But this one seems over the top and I called it out of the gate.

    2. Prove she is a drunkard Stock, where's the juice, where is the PROOF. You can't prove it. Prove it and I'll go away forever.

  2. A certain perspicacious observer has theorized that, due to the extreme imbalance evolved and now painfully evident between the two US political parties -- the Republican wing but a vestige today -- those comprising the Democratic wing have engaged in serial "blackwashing", seemingly self-destructive behavior aimed at restoring a better semblance of competitive difference. In doing so, they drive people who still vote from their party to the other before it goes extinct.

    Perhaps that strategy appears to work more efficiently for The Power$ That Be than going through the motions of creating, marketing, then discarding yet another "third party". This approach also obviates any necessity of assassinating (or threatening with assassination), the anointed leader of the third party. Who would likely win a "fair (s)election"!

    For example, I doubt that RFK, Jr., would leave his comfortable post as "controlled opposition" to place himself in line with gun sights as did his father and uncle. I use this analogy strictly for purposes of illustration here. I note that the same perspicacious revisionist of recent history opined that neither JFK nor RFK were actually killed as portrayed. In any event, TP$TB permitted puppetry exemplified by such as Obama and Trump to exit stage left and right, respectively, with greater grace and, apparently, with some additional shelf life remaining than ***they*** allotted members of the Kennedy clan.


  4. Look at the facial damage in just a decade

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Jackie Amazon posts this lie by reposting an edited version from a right wing web site

    Click on Jackie (the hottie with no brain) fake's link:

    From Wikipedia Judicial Watch: In July 2013, Fitton falsely claimed that the Obama administration's Department of Justice had sent representatives to Sanford, Florida, following Trayvon Martin's death "to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman.

    Fitton rejects the scientific consensus on climate change
    Judicial Watch has advertised for years on Breitbart News, the far-right website formerly run by Steve Bannon
    In a video recording released in October 2020, in the lead-up to the 2020 election, Fitton called on fellow conservative activists at a conference to come up with ways to prevent mail-in-ballots from being distributed to voters.

    In this site look for another link: "Purchases for the CODEL"
    This will show you the cash register receipt for the alcohol purchased at a cost of $329.54. This receipt has a lot of problems. You can't tell where it was purchased because the receipt was erased at the top, how convenient, making this receipt non traceable, unverifiable and meaningless. The receipt is also folded/cut off which the gov. would not do, adding to the forgery.

    Show me stock where Nancy drank this liquor.
    Show me she signed for this booze.
    Show me something that is not fake or a lie.
    All of this shows stock doesn't know what the truth really is and misdirects everything towards his demented form of reality.


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