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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

On 322 (Masonic Brotherhood of Death, Yale) Several Curious Events Happened

322 -- The Skull and Bones most famous number.....

Four days after a Judge properly found that the Boulder ban on "Assault Rifles"

was illegal since State law specifically prevents cities from making laws on guns (and yes libtards, that includes rifles").   The law is quite clear, WTF did this take until COVID was over to throw out the law!?

So the cabal mobilizes one of their assets to commit a mass Boulder.    See what you get?

A judge blocked Boulder from enforcing its 2-year-old ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines in the city, setting up the chance for the state Supreme Court to review whether Colorado cities can create their own restrictions on gun ownership.

Boulder County District Court Judge Andrew Hartman ruled Friday that the city can’t enforce its ordinance banning the possession, transfer or sale of assault weapons and large-capacity magazines because state law says local governments can’t prohibit the possession or sale of firearms.

How convenient, a mass murder at a place that all people went to during the "pandemic" the less, in a bad actor state.   And a weak after a CIA inspired mass murder on "Asians" in another bad actor state Georgia. 

Look how weak the Boulder police look in this "report"

Trump lawyer Sydney Powell defended herself from a Billion dollar lawsuit by

Horrific Cabal Mouthpiece of DHS says the "Border is effectively closed" but we are going to keep the children. 

I see.

U.S. Says “Border Is Closed” as Number of Unaccompanied Children in Gov’t Custody Tops 15,000


  1. Stock says:
    "On 322 (Masonic Brotherhood of Death, Yale) Several Curious Events Happened"

    First off, the skull and bones society has nothing to do with the Freemasons or masonic lodge, so please do not defame us freemasons by this association. We are not associated at all with Yale.

    1. Add to anon...

      Misinformation or outright lies about Freemasonry are just incredible. Indeed, we suspect that it is more than misinformation; it is disinformation, because many of the purveyors of this nonsense actually know better. They fully understand what Freemasonry is about, but they profit from attacking us, and the Internet has made the problem worse. In the past, a person had to search hard to find one of these anti-Masonic tracts. Today anti-Masonic ranting is just a couple of mouse clicks away. The problem is that with so much anti-Masonic material available on the Internet a good deal of this misinformation is believed.

    2. methinks the lady doth protest too much....over the target...

    3. There are millions of Masons, many trying to improve their character, maintain their character, and help others. But always the psychopaths and sociopaths rise to the top and the nefarious deeds of the upper echelon of the masons are beyond obvious when you look.

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Your link is from the author Sir Knight P.D. Newman, and just who is Mr. Newman, as I shall explain.
    Mr. Newman on twitter.

    It appears Newman is a stoner and takes to many drugs as well an author who has written little of the freemasons and more of the templars and taking drugs and selling stoner books.

    In the link provided Newman talks about his rational that the bone bone box is PROOF that Freemasons extol the skull and bones as proof they use this image. Not true as Newman has taken this out of context in a long explanation and writing of Samuel Pritchard in 1730. Link below;

    “The skull as a symbol is not used in Freemasonry except in Masonic Templarism, where it is a symbol of mortality.”

    In conclusion;
    The skull and teeth are used in the 2nd and 3rd degree Masonic teachings to show the initiate their mortality. These are kept in the bone bone box. These bones are never shown in public or in the affairs of meetings, they are secret. There are no long bones period, unlike the skull and bones of Yale. In the link above Newman is not referred to as a brother, showing he is not a Freemason but rather a Masonic Templar, which is a lie and Newman a fraud, because “Masonic Templar” is a misnomer.

    From the knights Templar International;
    “Are you Freemasons?”
    “Absolutely not! The Knights Templar Order is NOT a masonic order. Indeed, we view freemasonry with grave suspicion for a variety of historical, practical and theological reasons.”

    I mention this because Newman cannot reconcile what he is even talking about in Stocks link. A fraud, a fake, a provocateur.

    I unlike you Stock believes in the truth, which you ignore. You post crap that is false and misleading and I want your reader to know the truth that there is no "Masonic Brotherhood of Death, Yale". You made this up to suit your ego. You have defamed the Freemasons by saying this and thusly an act of defamation. You should be ashamed of this disinformation and apologize to the 6 million fellow Freemasons around the world.


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