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Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Proof: USA Deaths From COVID "Vaccine" Approaches 200,000, Using CDC Data, VAERS, and Peer Reviewed Journals

4000 views and not a single comment?   Either people don't believe it, and/or they haven't follow the train of logic using the Boston Medical System detailed study on adverse effects.

173,900 Deaths from Covid "Vaccine", Most of Those in Feb, March. 

The "Vaccine" is killing people at a rate faster than the 'VIRUS"

That number was from March 11th.   But on March 22, CDC 2,216= 221,600

A change of 47,700 Deaths in 10 Days.

4,770 Deaths per day from "The Vaccine"


Study at Massachusetts General Brigham medical system (Link below) shows that Serious Adverse Events after COVID jab are 100 times what is reported to the VAERS system.   Published March 8th.

We reported March 12th: HERE

I have developed scientific data, using peer reviewed medical journals, to show that only about 1 in 100 Vax Adverse Reactions are reported to VAERS.   This holds true for even the Severe Events requiring medical intervention, and DEATH.

Only 1 in 100 VAX Deaths Reported to CDC: 1365 Healthcare Workers Report "Acute Allergic Reaction" Of Total 64,900 Gene Therapy Shots


  1. Which part of the jamanetwork study says that VAERS is 100x undereported? If that's true it means 1 in 250 people die (2400 deaths, 60m total injections). But odds are good they aren't reported anything accurately


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