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Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Reblogging : The Word From the Trenches, Many F Words, Bill Of Rights, Gold, Masons


The Status of The Word From the Trenches

Okay, to begin this diatribe, mammon did not destroy the Bill of Rights, no more than a gun chooses its victim and kills on its own. The only way the Bill of Rights has failed has been through design and the calculation of greed, vanity, and self-service.

In the beginning, when the aristocrats went to work to destroy the Bill of Rights and subjugate the free sovereigns of this country, they simply sought out the most worthless among us who could only rise in stature though duplicity.

These traitors, and they were just a handful, readily sold the rights of their brethren, which did not belong to them, to the aristocrats with the understanding that they would retain their own rights and be given special privilege. It was accomplished across this country by the agents of the Masonic dirty church cabal. Communication was sparse so they made their attacks, small and spread out across the nation through their networks of Masonic lodges and dirty churches.

By the time the majority of the people realized what was happening the enemy was already at the thick edge of the wedge, openly calling themselves the ruling class and plugging in the final elements of the unlawful 14th Amendment.

Know this. All along the way, there have been those who understood exactly what was occurring, but as Baron Rothschild predicted, they kept quiet and in fact joined in the treachery as they revealed small parts with the design, to build armies to protect their ill begotten wealth. In the end, after the poor through necessity soak this nation with their own blood to put a stop to the attempted enslavement, these traitors intend to wait in the shadows.

Mark Koernke preached it for twenty years that those who had the gold and the silver and the copper would be the default money system after the poor people had crushed the enemy. He planned to be the new aristocracy with great dreams of grandeur and a theocracy that would go forward to conquer the world and live under a new aristocracy’s interpretations of religious scripture, just like the people did under the Priests of Sanhedrin.

But we found Lady Liberty lying in a ditch covered with mud where those who had accosted her had left her for dead, thinking they had conquered the freedom and liberty she stood for. We here at The Trenches pulled her out of that muddy ditch. We healed her and brought her back to her natural perfection, a beautiful flawless young maiden representing free thought, liberty, and justice.

Many of those who had walked right past her while she was lying in that ditch were of the ilk of those who would be the new aristocracy and knew the threat she represented to their plans to subjugate their fellow man.

We saw her as a beauty and righteousness that we would protect and defend with our lives.

They too saw the beauty through their pimp eyes. They would use her like a whore to fatten their coffers, lending only lip service to her reality. It is these worshipers of mammon who have propped up the United States Corporation since the 70s, manipulating each outrage of the violations of our laws, taking old people’s social security checks as they mimic one another ad nauseum about what they are going to do “when the time comes”.

On the other hand, we, discovering what has been hidden from us and in knowing the intent of the diabolical mammon worshipers, put our every effort to bring forth the reality she represents, in fact giving her back to those who would fight to defend her and free themselves in the process. We didn’t do it to accumulate mammon, because you cannot sell something to somebody that already belongs to them.

We have worked hard here to teach any and all who would listen of the dire straits that our once great people are in, and as our people have come to the realization of who they are, our numbers have become enormous. We watch our numbers multiply literally by the day.

Others have seen a demographic the Zionist silver and gold moguls want to tap into and if the work we have accomplished is destroyed in the process and they can sell Lady Liberty like a whore, get her strung out on heroin, leave her muddy in the ditch with pock marks and rotted teeth like a $2 prostitute, all the better.

These f-kers better listen up. Gold and silver are not the most precious commodities on this earth. Food and water are. How f-king dumb do you think we are that a two bit conman is going to be allowed to stick his hand up the dress of Lady Liberty on this f-king site or our f-king broadcast to see if he can pull out some gold and silver?

You mother f-kers are marked as sure as the Bolshevik communists and the corporate communists are marked. You will rule over no one and you will be tried for the crime of sedition for making your attempt. You are not f-king bad, do not think you are. We the poor, we are the f-king bad.

We found you out in time and we are armed well enough to take every treasonous f-king one of you out. We will start up trade using our recovered wealth that will be divided up equally amongst us and pity the mother f-kers that try to get in our way.

There have been so many of you Trenchers who have taken up the fight in earnest and have worked hard for the restitution of our absolute ratified law of December 15, 1791 and I am not going to let you down. I will have been broadcasting for ten years come September, but I can still do an hour, and it will be an earnest hour, spent giving back that which was stolen to those it belongs to.

The Bill of Rights is the law. We will prevail and will have no pity on those who tried to f-k us by infiltrating our ranks.

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