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Thursday, March 11, 2021

The 8 Joint Chiefs of Staff Went Very Political In Letter -- In Deciding That Biden Would Be President

It would be curious if any had time to research these critters, see what their political lean is, past social media, etc.

3 Army, 2 Air Force, 1 each to Marines, Navy, and Space Force 

Mark A Milley, Army 
John E Hyten, Air Force 
James C McConvill, Army 
David H. Berger, Marines 
Michael M Gilday, Navy 
Charles Q. Brown Jr., Air Force 
John W. Raymond, Space Force 
Daniel R. Hokanson, Army

Here is a start on some research....follow the wives
Maria McConville

The views are quite different between this Teaparty site

And this DC Moms site

The military guys I have spoke with while in Hawaii have mostly expressed an interest in staying apolitical, and to most most on guard when most people are distracted.    

You want to get into the heads of DC liberals....great site for that...suggest Pepto Bismal or Johnny Walker double black before though....this on Critical Race Theory


Tear it down. Tear it ALL down. You cannot have a house built on a rotten foundation. And everything about the foundation of this country is rotten, right down to the name “America” itself, owing to a white European who brought genocide to the aboriginal peoples of the new world.

It ALL has to go.

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