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Wednesday, March 10, 2021

The COVID Vaccine Nearly Killed My Father -- Has Already Killed 113,600 People Just in USA

It doesn't get much more personal than that.   

I have been advising people to think twice and do research before submitting themselves to a drug that has only been approved for emergency use, and I had advised my father of many facts related to this "Gene therapy" that some are calling a vaccine.

He got the first dose of Jab on March 6th, and on March 9th he was in the hospital at risk of dying from heart problems that he never knew he had, an emergency surgery was done at 1:30 PM and he lived and is still in the hospital.

Will that be reported to VAERS?


This Bitchute video explains in great detail how the CDC has been caught specifically removing data records that COVID vaccine related Deaths and Serious Adverse Events.    

The CDC is NOT removing any of the data records that show minor effects.

Beyond this obvious "work" to make the vaccines look less dangerous, it should be noted that only about 1 in 100 of adverse vaccine events even gets reported to VAERS.   How do I come up with this number?

Well it matches a Harvard study from years back at 1%.   Other health industries immune system experts have said "maybe 5% get reported".

That 5% looks high.   The 1% reporting rate also applies to Serious Adverse events requiring acute medical intervention, and to Deaths.

Here is the summary of the JAMA report, compared to CDC claims.

JAMA Report on Mass General Brigham


Amazingly, the JAMA opening statement is this: "Anaphylaxis to the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines is currently estimated to occur in 2.5 to 11.1 cases per million doses" when their own data clearly show that it is much much more.    In their opening sentence, they use CDC statements!!! How infuriating is that.    

What the heck!?    Can you do the math!?

And then they compare to CDC claims of miniscule numbers of severe acute reactions, of .025 per 10,000 jabs.     That works out to 2.5 per million jabs.     This is claimed to be from the VAERS system.

Knowing that 16 of Mass General recipients needed severe and immediate medical care, of the 64,900 total jabs, or 249 cases per Million needing severe and immediate medical care.

This indicates a reporting ratio to the VAERS of just 1 in 100.   i.e. 249 per million in a tight study, versus 2.5 per million in a self reported study VAERS.

As of today the VAERS system is reporting 1,136 Deaths associated with COVID JAB, and since only 1 of 100 is reported, a  good estimate is that 113,600 deaths have occurred.;jsessionid=5F229F38561D3940A60EFC610EAB

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