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Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Unusual Earthquake Activity, 2 Incoming CMEs, And Ancient Missouri Volcano, It's All Here!

 stock here:   The 2 incoming CMEs (one Tuesday) and 1 soon are my spin on


Mary Greeley does a great job of historical volcanoes and earthquakes in this fairly calm area. 

And more here


  1. lots on New Madrid Fault Zone -

    1. This story got like 4000 hits on Before Its News / Survival

    2. BS you got 2,987 hits not 4,000, liar liar proof below

      typical stock just another lie

    3. 3000 even now. I don't circle back to triviality. A lot of people were exposed to unusual activity, and that is a good thing. By the way trollie, I said "like", usually when they have legs, they go several days.....


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