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Friday, March 19, 2021

Vaccine? They Now Openly Admit They Are Using Lockdowns And Suffering To Create "Demand" For The Vaccine


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    1. Those Brits are a real problem. Centuries of control have given a distorted view of their importance.

  2. One has to give The Power$ That Be (TP$TB, by whatever appellation you prefer) full credit for the scoping out, specification, design, implementation, and CONtinuation of what I term the "COVID scam". Jon Rappoport recently posted on the number of movies that featured "deadly viruses on the loose" -- he counted 134. That form of predictive programming built solidly on the "germ theory", the sanctification of vaccines in general, and, no doubt, subtler ways to inform us of "here's what's comin' atcha".

    Journalism today seems, at best, a chug-by-chug account of a freight train pulled by coal-fired steam engines heading inexorably toward prone bodies and numbed minds, tied to the rails of habits and preference for comport, adversive to thoughts of rebellion, revolution, and even milder means of resistance. A serial form of predictive programming, at best.

    What we have to have, to counter the immense investment by TP$TB in "mass mind influencing and control", is 24/7 channels (a) featuring individuals and groups neither cognitively infiltrated nor CONtrolled opposition and (b) describing not only best advice but also active, real-life examples of efforts -- both successful and apparently unsuccessful -- to PUSH BACK.

    1. A most excellent comment, as I mull an article on how to "Live Courageously". And don't you just love that Grocery Store (real) false flag?

      We need Border control, not gun control. How did they manipulate this guy at age of only 21, it usually takes people longer to get weird enough to be controlled by their addictions and fetishes....but he is from Syria

  3. And now why do the bad actors so often have to be Chinese?


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