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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Gold Was Money for 5000 Years, SDRs Created 1969 To Replace Gold, Nixon Defaulted On Gold, SDRs Part Of the Fake COVID Narrative?

stock here -- this may be kind of dry for some people, but it is perhaps essential knowledge going forward.    It seems the criminals that be have stolen all the money in the world, and the only way to make more money to steal is with a "Great Reset".   The financial portion of said Reset is highlighted with the sleight of hand of calling SDRs a fake name, IMF Currency.

If we get lucky in USA, deflation could offset inflation.    In the late 70's we have back to back double digit inflation.   That can happen again too.

Investors with no exposure to Precious Metals are not doing it right.

Note "IMF Currency" is the SDRs (Special Drawing Rights)

Yellen used to be at the Fed, now she is at the Treasury

Kennedy (Louisiana) is saying that it is illegal to issue SDRs backed by the dollar without Congressional approval.   But apparently Yellen can get away with it. 

Distribution of these "monies" is supposed to help "poor countries" but apparently the distribution is far from that.   To me it looks like a ploy to get "liberal" support to help the poor when in fact it will benefit countries that don't need it, like China, Russia, Syria, Iran.    70% would go to G20 countries.

Only 3 percent would go to those most in need.   Yellen "It would help some of the neediest countries"......the best lies.....contain an element of the truth

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