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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Review of Astrazeneca Vax in Europe, Up To 1800 Dead, 669 Resolved

 If you want to review the Outcomes, go to arrowed tab

133,310 total cases reported, of all sorts.

Up to 1900 are either dead or may die.   This is JUST from Astrazeneca.   See below for clarifications

This is the outcomes page.   

37 are listed as Fatal

Not Recovered/Not Resolved probably doesn't imply dead, but who knows what not Resolved could mean that they just don't have data if the person died or not.

The recovered and recovering are pretty clearcut.   669 and 851 = 1520 out of 3428

That means 1908 are not recovering, not recovered, fatal, or just plain unknown, of 3428

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