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Friday, April 2, 2021

The COVID "Treatments" Under Guise Of Vaccine -- Are Not As Safe As They Made Out To Be

These treatments are NOT SAFE, and they are only approved for emergency conditions. There are NO EMERGENCY conditions at this time.

Then they tone-deafly, give didn't consider that people would backlash over something called "Gene Therapy" PROOF

And then they purport to "debunk" the claim that it was Gene Therapy.   Pretty sad.   Check out "".   

And we find that is funded by the family of the 39th richest man in the USA.   Annenberg, who purportedly made his fortunes to a big part by printing the TV Guide, also strove to fund and control "communication" schools of learning.    There lot's to dig in on this rabbit hole, but I think we can out this Foundation as one of the moving forces in the USA, see below, they fund the PBS.

They are funded by the Annenberg Foundation which just so happens to finance a huge portion of PBS Public Broadcasting System TV.   PBS is a clearcut leftism promoter as is, so allowing this type of slanted news to continue to be funded by leftist which align with the Democratic "program", is contrary to the best interest of the real American citizens.   Nothing to see here!

The link is more damning then their own "add" in the graphics below.

mRNA "treatments" are technically gene therapy, not a vaccine. And this is the first time an mRNA drug has been "approved" for use on humans.
I believe those taking this experimental gene therapy with possibility of a Cytokine storm that can kill you quickly, have not done their homework, and most likely operating under the mental hobbling of a year of fear.

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